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Re: Theme's (gnome) terribly wrong

On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 01:11:31PM -0400, B-Fly wrote:
> I recently installed a clean gnome (unstable) on my knoppix 3.6 
> hdinstall,and the result is just terrible. I selected the gnome simple 
> theme, but  somehow this does not change the dropdown lists, menu, etc. 
> See also the screenshot at: https://b-fly.homeip.net/images/Screenshot.png
> It looks like the gnome windows are a mixture of the gnome simple theme 
> and the kde theme.
> When running KDE, all gnome programs look how they are supposed to look.
> Removing all files in ~/. does not help, neither does changing the gnome 
>  or kde theme.
> Anybody an idea what's wrong?
> Ronald
Hi Ronald,
there are significant differences between a Debian install and a Knoppix
install. I would suggest you send your concerns to the knoppix mailing
list. But if you install debian stable, testing or unstable, we will be
able to address your concerns. Mr. Knopper guidelines for his
distrabution are far different than those for debian. Not better or
worse, just different.


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