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Re: kernel compile error

that worked, strange, did some stuff change in the config file?


marvstod@rcn.com wrote:

The /usr/include/version.h in general does not match
the /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h which will be created during a
kernel configureation

 # make mrproper
 # make bzImage

Original Message:
From: Jule Slootbeek jslootbeek@clarku.edu
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:32:25 -0400
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: kernel compile error

Hey all
I'm just trying to install 2.6.9 and am getting this error, i have no idea why

dolphy:/usr/src/linux# make bzImage
/bin/sh: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string
make: *** [include/linux/version.h] Error 2

the only include/linux/version.h i can find is in /usr/include/linux/ which looks like this

#define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.0-test7"
#define LINUX_VERSION_CODE 132608
#define KERNEL_VERSION(a,b,c) (((a) << 16) + ((b) << 8) + (c))

I'm not sure why it says 2.6.0-test7, but for the rest i don't see anything wrong with this.

anybody ahve an idea?



Jule Slootbeek
617 901 6958

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