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Install mplayer on debian

Hi all,
I am using debian/unstable and find i can't find "mplayer" in the
package list. After using "apt-cache search mplayer", i get the
following result:
mga-vid-source - Kernel driver for the back-end scaler on Matrox cards
mozilla-mplayer - MPlayer-Plugin for Mozilla, Konqueror and OpenOffice.org
xmms-xmmplayer - XMMS plugin that uses MPlayer to play video files

That means i can't use "apt-get" to install mplayer. As everyone know,
to install mplayer from the source is a different thing. It has a great
deal of packages and plug-ins.
I just wonder why mplayer is not on the debian apt package list? and how
can i find a easy way to install myplayer on deiban? :)

Thank you for suggestions!

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