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applying non-debian patches and compling kernel the Debian way

I usually use the Debian way of compiling the kernel as explained here:

For this I have always used the kernel-source package from Debian. And given this, I can apply the kernel-patches packaged for Debian. I was wondering, can I apply non-Debian packages too to the kernel before doing "make-kpkg --append-to......"?

Also, can I just download a pristine copy of the kernel (from kernel.org e.g.), apply the corresponding patch that comes with it and others that I may need and then continue the Debian-way from "make menuconfig" onwards? Thus using make-kpkg to make a debfile to be installed with dpkg.

If you can refer me a URL that explains this (using pristine non-Debian kernel source and Debian way of compiling it) even better.


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