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Debian package downloader for win32

Here is my problem.  I'm running debian at home where I have dial-up
with no other options.  At work we have satellite which is just a
little better.  To update my system now I have a second drive which I
boot into which has a exact copy of my home debian install on it. 
Then I run an update, copy the files to cd take them home and install
them there again.  Here is what I'm requesting, an app on debian which
will output my installed package database and possible sources.list
into a file. Then a win32 program that will read that file, look at my
sources.list and present me with a list of upgradeable packages, then
allow me to select packages to upgrade and download those for me.  I
don't know anything about coding so I can't do something like this for
myself, and I'm sure there are other people out there in a similar
situation that something like this would benefit.  Would someone be
willing to tackle such a project?

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