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Re: Koqueror & Kaffeine

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 11:10, Erik Jakobsen wrote:
> Justin Guerin wrote:
> >You don't associate kaffeine with Konqueror, you associate kaffeine with
> >they file type.  Open up the KDE control center, open up the file
> >associations module (in the KDE components section, at least for KDE 3.3
> > in Sid), and find the entry for the file type.  Make sure kaffeine is
> > the default.
> >
> >Hope that helps,
> >Justin Guerin
> Hi Justin
> Thanks for yor reply. I have the same as you have in Sid, but cannot get
> it to work.
> I'm sure I have done something wrong.
> Would you please look at the screendump at www.urbakken.dk/kaffeine.png
> ?.
> Erik Jakobsen.

It looks like the application is only associated with the native playlist 
file type.  You need to associate the actual audio file type with kaffeine.  
Can you tell me what the name of the file you are trying to listen to is?  
Is it a .mp3, .ra, or what?  Somewhere under the audio group should be a 
file type that matches.  Once you figure out which file you need to load 
with kaffeine, look for its entry in the file associations, and make sure 
kaffeine is listed.

I checked out net radio, but it seems that you need to create a login to 
listen.  I can't do that from work, sorry.

Justin Guerin

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