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Re: Formatting an unused partition

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 13:43, [KS] wrote:
> All right, thats done. I used the following command:
> $ mkfs.ext3 -v /dev/hdb10
> mkfs wrote the inodes, made the journal, etc. and I
> could see the type as ext3 when I checked /dev/hdb
> with cfdisk.
> My next question is, how to allow users to write to
> the partition. Current permissions are drwxr_xr_x
> root:root. Should I just use chmod og+w for
> /mount/part10 (assuming I'm mouting it under /mount in
> dir part10)? Would it be better to make this partition
> similar to /tmp with the "t" bit set? Please suggest.
No, use the umask option in your /etc/fstab.

You might also want to read the mount and fstab man pages, to give you an 
idea of what other options are available to you.  Which options you use 
depends largely on your setup and how you intend to use the partition.

> This is off topic: Does anyone know how to send
> replies to threads in correct order using yahoo mail?
> Thanks.
No, I don't know how to correctly reply to threads using Yahoo mail.  Sorry.

Justin Guerin

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