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kernel panic w/ 2.6.8 and, separately, w/ RAID

Here's the system: K7 SMP system w/ 3 scsi drives. New install of
debian sarge, running 2.6.x kernel. Using stock kernels w/ udev.
Everything is installed on 1 of the three drives.


o  I installed the 2.6.7 kernel and the machine boots okay. There are
some errors about modules related to aic7xxx, but it boots and runs

o  When I install 2.6.8 I get a kernel panic. Fairly early in the boot
process (before all the drive info shows up) I get:

<stuff here>
pivot_root: Np such file or directory
/sbin/init: 426: Cannot open /dev/console: no such file
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

o  I decided to ignore this problem and move on, but .... I put the two
unused drives in a RAID 1 array and I copied everything over. I fixed
/etc/fstab, grub, mkinitrd, etc. so that it should be able to boot off
the RAID array. I get this:

<stuff here>
mdadm: /devfs/md/0 has been started with 2 drives
kjournald starting
Ext3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode
/sbin/init: 426: cannot create /dev/null: Read-only filesystem
/sbin/init: 427: cannot open /dev/console: No such file
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

Anyone else having problems w/ 2.6.8? Could the same problem be at the
root of both of these kernel panics? I'm stumped, so any help



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