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Re: vcd / video dvd howto


To copy a CD, I'd recommend cdparanoia (to rip into .wav files) or
cdda2wav. You can use cdrecord or cdrdao (better) to record audio CDs.
For DVDs, you should try DVD::Rip.


On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 09:15:53 +0200, Na Zo <perl@vipmail.hu> wrote:
>  Hi!
>  Could anybody tell me where can i find any information about
>  how to write (copy) a video dvd or cd? I need dvd, but maybe
>  some are interested in cd, maybe the same way.
>  I' ve tried to make an iso with 
>  dd if=/dev/sr0 of=isofile
>  , but it made to me always a too large isofile. (about 6- 7
>  GB, i don' t remember exactly, but it is too large for a dvd
>  - i think.) If i' d get the correct isofile, maybe i could
>  make an udf fs isofile, and write it on the dvd, but not sure.
>  If anybody would tell the all process (or could give me some
>  URL, which will tell it to me), i' d be happy.
>  I' d be rather interested in "a command line way", so
>  maybe i could do it with k3b or xcdroast, but a command line
>  way would be much better.
>  Thanks for the answers.
>  Csaba. 
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