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Re: multihead

On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 09:12:20PM -0700, John Floren wrote:
> I have tried multiheading in the past, without much luck.
> It seems that if I do not use the same resolution and bit depth on both 
> screens, X will crash when I logout.  Then, when I do use the same res 
> and bpp, there is a huge increase in CPU usage while doing even simple 
> tasks.  Is there a way to remedy this, or is high proccessor usage the 
> norm under multihead systems?  No, I have not tried it under the most 
> recent version of X, just one that is a few months old (I run unstable).
> Thanks!
> Digi

I use Debian SID on a tri-head system: 3 screens at the same
resolution/bpp. The result is a 3840x1024 pixels screen.
I do not have any problem with the CPU usage. Everything works great and
is rock stable.

BTW, I'm not using KDE nor Gnome. I use XFCE, with is a light and
super-fast window manager.



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