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Re: Alternative for kiwi syslog daemon and general questions about debian.

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On Fri, Oct 15, 2004 at 10:13:49AM +0200, Philippe Dhont   (Sea-ro) wrote:
> Hi to all!
> Last weeks i am trying to move as much as possible from windows to linux
> via the debian way and i like it...
> But still i have a few questions about installations etc...
> 1) I am looking for a program that handles my SNMP traps from my
> switches and routers.

try 'apt-cache search snmp'.

> I am now using kiwi syslog daemon on WinXP but i would like to use
> something on linux with a mysql database if possible.
> ...This brings me to my second question...
> 2) I already understood that the best and easiest way to install and
> staying up to date is to use apt-get, aptitude, dselect,...whatever.


> So i installed a few programs via apt-get and also mysql...
> But in the past i downloaded these programs from the original location
> and i installed them with the parameters i wanted (--with-xx etc...)
> For some programs i use i need to add additional parameters (like
> apache, samba, squid,...)
> So the question is, can i do this also with apt-get ?

There are lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list that specify this:
deb ...
deb-src ...

deb ... points to binary packages
deb-src ... points to source packages

the source packages can be built using an automated debian build system.
This system will make 'my-packages'.deb files from the apt-get'd source.
Most times the deb-src are more recent than the deb pkgs.
on the debian site there is the 'debian reference' read this!

But... the folks at debian think of what most users want and put that
into the binary packages. So CHECK THOSE OUT FIRST! Why reinvent the

> And if i can, how will the updates be done later on ?
> If i do a system update and there is a newer version available, will the
> newer version be installed and override my previous settings ?
> And what about the config files (httpd.conf, squid.conf, smb.conf) when
> a new version is installed, do i loose my config files so that my
> program is unusable ?

when packages are upgrade, you are asked what you want to do.
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