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ntfs partitioning


I have a Toshiba A30 Laptop with a CD-ROM drive and no 
floppy.  What really sucks is that it runs Winxp using the
ntfs file system.

I have the Debian install CD-ROMS, but i want to know if
the Debian installer can handle partitioning an ntfs drive.
 I have about 27 gig and would like to set aside 10 gig for
Linux.  I can run the installer, but I'd like a dual boot
situation for a while until I see how to get everything I
need over to Debian.  For example, the genealogy program.

I had a dual boot on a previous machine with win98 and had
no trouble with it.  Now this ntfs garbage....

I would appreciate any help and I know about ntfsresize,
but it is not a Winxp pgm.


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