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Re: Display Set-Up

>I do know the dpkg-reconfigure stuff is a pretty feature for many users,
>but not for me. I can not believe it has an effect to the configure 
>file, specially you have a wrony one first. May be a video card probe 
>tool can give me some help, but the package reconfigure couldn't do it.

If you don t have an existing /etc/X11/XF86Config* file it does probe the

The tool is still unable to do most choice though works is on the way :
- lots of fix are expected for 4.3.0-dfsg.1.9
- ubuntu (fully automated for one card install ) does it pretty well
through hacks sometimes. We can expect some improvments will be included
 in debian. 

At first you could try renaming your old X config, taking care that most
 package suggested by xserver-xfree86 are installed: 
- mdetect for mouse
- read-edid for monitor frequency autodetection
- discover for video card detection

It did autodetected my stuff after i did an X purge (i was going from
 unoffical packages back to the debian ones). Though i expect moving
 the config will be enough.


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