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Re: Grub won't timeout

Shaul Karl wrote:
On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 12:00:38AM -0600, Jules Dubois wrote:

(I would have sword GRUB started numbering at 1, not 0, but perhaps I'm

  I believe you are wrong. It starts at 0. This should be documented.
Please check the documentation to see who is right.

GRUB religiously starts numbering at 0, througout the programme.
(hd0,0) is the first partition on the first harddisk;
default 0 means the first entry in the menu.lst file.

See also the grub info file, "Configuration":

     # By default, boot the first entry.
     default 0

   The first entry (here, counting starts with number zero, not one!)
will be the default choice.


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