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Radeon 9200 & AGP 8x

Hello list,

I've managed to get a Radeon 9200SE working on one computer, but it uses
agp 4x. On another computer I've got a plain Radeon 9200 that appears to
be agp 8x only installed in a motherboard with the Nvidia Nforce2
chipset (which supports agp 8x). However, I can't seem to get the radeon
driver in x to support it properly.

I'm running the latest updates in Sarge, with a 2.6.7-1-k7 kernel. I've
modprobed agpgart and nvidia_agp, which according to the logs recognize
the agp bridge on the motherboard. With /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 set to use
the radeon driver, however, I still see glxinfo saying there is no
direct rendering enabled and glxgears reports the expected pitiful
performance of ~250 fps.

I have also tried specifying a chipId in the Device section for the
video card, but still to no avail. 

Does anyone have any hints how I might get this to work?


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