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Re: Why Grub? Must I Switch?

cr wrote:

On Mon, 04 Oct 2004 18:03, Daniel L. Miller wrote:
Paul Johnson wrote:
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"Daniel L. Miller" <dmiller@amfes.com> writes:
I don't understand that - unless your different kernel versions are
all using the same filename.
You have a basic shell.  You can type the name, and IIRC, there is tab
So you can't have an unattended boot?


You can certainly have an unattended boot - the GRUB menu comes up and, after a specified interval, it will go on to boot the first entry on the menu (unless, of course, you manually select another).

However, if you've just done a system upgrade or destroyed a kernel or whatever, or are just Grub-floppy-booting into a system, then you can bring up the Grub command line which has, as Paul said, tab autocompletion - and very handy it is too for finding a kernel when you can't remember whether it's vmlinuz2.4.18-bf2.4 or vmlinuz2.4.18_bf2.4
That's not my idea of an unattended boot - which is where the comments on symlinks came from. If you have a symlink to your current kernel version, with the grub config looking at the symlink - then you can upgrade the kernel, hit restart, and walk away. When you come back, your machine is ready (assuming the kernel isn't messed up).


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