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Re: Installation recommendation

Incoming from Ritesh Raj Sarraf:
> I've just purchased a laptop and will install debian onto it. I just
> wanted your generous suggestions regarding installation.
> I am planning to use the following partition structure:
> /boot -- 150mb
> /home -- 10GB
> /usr -- 15GB
> /usr/local -- 5GB

My /boot has 6.1 Mb used.  Personally, I think /boot as a separate ptn
is unnecessary, but it is nice to not have to mount it at all (defence
against LKM's?).

> I don't think having /tmp, /var etc on a laptop would be much

When you do "apt-get upgrade", the packages are downloaded to
/var/cache/apt/archives.  If there isn't enough space there, you'll
have to do something creative (ln -s /var/cache/apt/archives

Others insist a separate /tmp is a good security measure or system
management feature.  I don't know, but they're probably correct.

I would suggest the following:

/        200 Mb
/usr     as much as you can spare
/var     1 Gb (that's possibly excessive)
/home    whatever's left over (mine's 1 Gb, 300 Mb used)
/opt     [if you use that sort of thing] 500 Mb?
/scratch useful for the "ln -s ..." trick above

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