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vsftpd has fallen and wont get up

tonight i couldnt ftp into one of my boxes. i noticed my vsftpd log
hasnt grown or been rotated since 19 sept and find that vsftpd quit
running. it will not start back up either.

when you try to restart it, it says it's not running, and the init
script doesnt give any indication as to why it doesnt start either.
tried dpkg-reconfigure vsftpd w/ no luck. went so far as to remove it
(and configuration file) and reinstall (after a update/upgrade and a
reboot). it still wont start up (even with default configuration

april:/etc# uname -a
Linux april 2.4.26-1-386 #1 Tue Aug 24 13:31:19 JST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux

system is an xp1700 w/ 1gb sdram, 20gb ide hd, kt133a, 8139c nic,
static ip/fqdn. running sarge (fairly new install, only a month or so
old), currently up-to-date. not much installed, just apache2 w/ mysql,
php4, perl. no fluff, not even x.

vsfptd logs dont tell me anything (last entry was a successful
transfer, by me on 19 sept), none of the logs do. nothing in
/var/log/* has any reference to it except the popularity-contest logs.

a second box, a p2/300 w/ 256mb ram that had deb installed on it
within a week of the this one (with almost same packages and updates
done at same time) works just fine.

any help would be met with much gratitude!

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