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Re: remote backup

On 4 Oct 2004, Nick Hastings wrote:
> * Daniel Pittman <daniel@rimspace.net> [041004 10:09]:
>> On 2 Oct 2004, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
>>> I would like my desktop (an openbrick) to backup via the net
>>> my laptop once it is connected:
>>> what is the best way to do so ?
>> My recommendation would be the 'BackupPC' package, found in testing and
>> unstable.  That will happily produce long term archival backups of the
>> laptop, and can dump to tape, etc, for off-line storage as well.
> Thanks for pointing out this package. I've just installed it and it
> seems quite nice. 
> I have a question about this package, and was unable to find the answer
> (or even the question) in the documentation, FAQs or on google.
> I suffer from a small /var partition... (if only there was SPAM with a
> pill for that), and BackupPC wants to put all the backups in
> /var/lib/backuppc/pc. It seems there is no way to tell BackupPC to use a
> different location. 

No, their isn't.

> The simple "fix" was to just symlink this directory to somewhere else.
> This seems to work ok, except that BackupPC continues to look in /var
> to determine how much space it has available.
> Does anyone have a proper solution to this problem?

Mount the storage location as /var/lib/backuppc.

If you can't find a spare partition for it, use a bind mount:

] mkdir /storage/backupc
] mount --bind /storage/backuppc /var/lib/backuppc

Allocating a distinct partition is by far the best solution since, as
with many similar tools, BackupPC may grow to consume all the inodes or
data blocks on the volume.

It tries, unlike many tools, to avoid doing so, but there are limits to
that.  A dedicate volume reduces the load on both sides.

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