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Re: apt-get 'search'?

apt-get update
apt-cache search "blah"

for the list on your machine - dpkg -l | grep "blah"

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:

Tony Uceda Velez wrote:

Anyone know what is comparable to Gentoo's 'emerge search' in apt-get?  Man
pages didn't reflect something similar?  Want to search for list of packages
that start with a certain string.

grep-available -r -F Package '^prefix'

The -r tells it to accept regular expressions, and "-F Package" to look
in the Package field.  '^prefix' is of course the prefix you want to
search for, preceded by a caret.  grep-available is in the grep-dctrl

There is also "apt-cache search", which is generally easier to use,
although it's harder (maybe impossible?) to fine-tune exactly how it
will search.


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