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Re: HP 2210 USB printer problems in Sid

> Henrique de Moraes Holschuh was heard 
> to say:
>See the kernel logs. You need to find something like this:
>Oct  3 15:28:52 khazad-dum kernel: printer.c: usblp0: USB 
>printer dev 13 if 0 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x03F0 pid 0x6004

dmesg did show disconnect and reconnect messages for both the printer 
and the scsi port for the various memory card slots available in the 


> /sbin/MAKEDEV usb  will create the usb stuff in /dev.

I executed this command, then "/etc/init.d/hpoj setup" to see if that 
would make the difference, and it did. So it seems that this magic 
"MAKEDEV" command wasn't automatically run during installation this 
time. The joys of running "unstable", I guess.

Probe for USB-connected devices ([y]/n)?

Probing "/dev/usb/lp0"...
    Found "PSC 2200 Series"
    with serial number "MY26EB24980G".

    This device will be set up as "mlc:usb:PSC_2200_Series".
    Press <Enter> alone to continue or <Ctrl-D> to skip this device, 
    enter a different desired name suffix (without the "mlc:usb:" 
    here --->

    Setting up as "mlc:usb:PSC_2200_Series".
    Enabling ptal-mlcd and ptal-printd.
    Enabling ptal-photod.

The "mlc:" printer still didn't show up in KDE CUPS printer control, 
so I rebooted the machine and watched the boot messages. Everything 
was detected, the "mlc:" printer definition too, and this time CUPS 
detected the printer. I'm looking at the test page right now, in 
beautiful colour and crisp black.

Many thanks Henrique, again, for your assistance. 

Peace, may your aim never waver,


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