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Re: fvwm question..

bing yu wrote:
I can not get message from fvwm list, Please forgive me posting here.

in my .fvwmrc Key r A M Exec exec crxvt-gb
so Alt+r can open a crxvt terminal

After I open crxvt, I usually do this : $su
password:****(enter my pwd)
# cd /mnt/media/

my question is straitforward(let alone the security problem), Can I write above in the .fvwmrc ? so after I Alt+r, the crxvt can go to id@box# I read the man page Key r A M Exec exec crxvt-gb -e su;pwd still , It ask me to imput my password

can't you setup your /mnt/media so that you don't need root? something along the lines (one of the following):

  - make it owned by you

- create media group, make /mnt/media/ writeable by group, you member of the group (IIRC you need to relogin after adding yourself to the group)


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