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Re: Can't see second CD-ROM [was: Unidentified subject!]

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 02:36:00PM +0000, oliverheard@3mail.com wrote:
> i have recently installed debian woody 3.0 i have two cdrom drives but
> only have access to one of them debian just acts as if it isn't there 
> i also have windows installed (for wine only) and when i load that up 
> both of my cdrom drives are accessible their, when i boot debian and i
> see all the text stuff at the begining i see it their as hdc but when 
> it is finished loading and i have logged in their is no sign of my second
> cdrom drive please can someone help me thanks

How are you trying to access the second drive? What's in dmesg about
CD-ROM drives? It could be that you just need to set up a mount point
for the second drive.


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