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Re: Thunderbird 0.8 and Filters

Joost Witteveen wrote:

Ed Sutherland wrote:

Alexander Sack wrote:

Ed Sutherland wrote:

What's happened to filters in mozilla-thunderbird 0.8? The menu

I have no problems running filters etc.. Anyone having filter problems too, please attach more info to: bug #272954.

The problem is that when Thunderbird 0.8 included the one local folder choice, they disabled the ability to create filters based on a message. (You can still create a filter by hand and it will work, but they ability to create filters based on a selected message no longer works.)

The workaround is to create another account, don't choose the global inbox and then the create filter based on message works. This is like the time the mozilla folks dropped postscript printing support fo xprint, angering a huge portion of the users. I hope the filter feature returns in the next release.

I just tested yesterdays nightly (30 sept), and it still had the feature
(not able to create filter from message, able to click "run filters on folder", but doesn't work).

It looks like filter problem applies to running filters on local folders and pop accounts only (imap works for me). Can you confirm that?

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