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Re: Mutt Error: Can't Open Temporary File

On Saturday 02 Oct 2004 23:45:01 -0400, Ed Sutherland wrote:

> I'm trying Mutt and keep running up against "Could not open temporary 
> file" whenever I attempt to open a message. What's the cause or 
> solution? Thanks.

Check in ~/.muttrc or /etc/Muttrc to see which path is given to "set
tmpdir," if any.  I set mine to ~/Mail/tmp.  Often that error is simply
permissions, so double check /tmp. 

set tmpdir=~/Mail/tmp

fbhjr@achilles:~$ ls -ld Mail/tmp
drwx------  2 fbhjr fbhjr 4096 2004-10-03 08:52 Mail/tmp


Fred Henry, Jr.

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