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Re: Icon bug in Nautilus (SARGE) still not fixed ?

On Sat, 02 Oct 2004 20:09:28 -0400, ThanhVu Nguyen
<tvn1981@flashmail.com> wrote:
> Back in mid June, there was a bug in Nautilus from Sarge which broke all
> the icons.  I was told by other Sarge users that it already had been
> fixed but till now that problem still happens to me.  My Sarge system is
> up-to-date, it only uses packages from the official Debian apt
> repository.  The Nautilus version is 2.6.3b-4 .  I use Window Maker as
> the main window manager and calls Nautilus from WMaker.
> Anyone else can acknowledge this problem ?

You probably need to install one of the recommended or suggested
packages. Check out which ones you don't have yet.


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