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Re: How to patch..

Hi Eric and all boys on the list...

> > 
> > To patch the to should I patch to
> >,,, and at the end the
> > Or can I patch the only with the
> > 
> The mm4 patch is against 2.6.8-1. You should not apply mm2, mm3, etc...
> If mm5 gets released then you reverse the mm4 and apply mm5. The mm
> patch is always against the base kernel version, it is not incremental.

Ok, you give an important detail...

Suppose the new mm5 patch is released...
how can I reverse before apply the new patch?
Could you suggest me the command? So I have an idea how to do...

> -- 
> Eric Gaumer <gaumerel@ecs.fullerton.edu>

Just another question...

Suppose I would like to patch the kernel with 2 different patches for
different problems...for example mm4 and RTC for Real Time

Should I use the same command:

patch -p1 < /path/

patch -p1 < /path/rtc-patch.gz

Or should I use a dfferent way?

If I forget what patches I have installed how can can I see the list of
installed paches? :)

Thanks and sorry for the log list of questions...I'm a Newb...

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