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Re: How to shut down all X apps?

on Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 07:39:31AM -0700, Eric Dickner (ejdickner@yahoo.com) wrote:
> I'm trying to install libc6 and it wants all of the X
> stuff shutdown.  I can't recall the command to do
> this, but I thought there was one that brought the
> whole thing down for you...  
> For whatever reason my /etc/init.d scripts give errors
> or don't work when I try to do "gdm stop" et al.

<ctrl><alt><backspace> kills your current X session.

If you've got to quit all apps, do a "shutdown now".  That doesn't stop
or reboot your computer, but takes it to init level 1 (maintenance a/k/a
single-user mode).  Either run your update there, or exit immediately
ensure you're not running any X display managers, and update.  Then
you're golden.

...and you keep your uptime ;-)


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