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Re: Login

Arnfinn Gjøstøl(gjostol@online.no) is reported to have said:
> I have just installed Debian. After boting, entering username and password,
> the boot progress stops at
> username@debian:~$
> What next?

Depends on what you want to do with your new OS.  It hasn't stopped,
it is waiting for you to tell it what to do.

type in    whoami    (shows how you logged in as)
or         df        (shows you your disk partitions)
or         man man   (interface to the on-line reference manuals)

If you want a windoze type of system you will have to install the X
windows software (hope you have a full disk set).

Have you looked on the net for any Linux Tutorials/Books?  That might
get you started on the right track.  

HTH=Hope This Helps, YMMV=Your Mileage May Vary, HAND=Have A Nice Day


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alpha testing as a first step in getting user feedback. Alpha is Latin
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