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Re: apache2 and php - firefox wants to download phtml file?

Did you add index.php to apache's httpd.conf DirectoryIndex ? that directive tells apache to also look for index.php when a directory is accessed.


Micha Feigin wrote:
I installed some php application of a server here which I installed
with apache2 (prefork).

When accessing the directory without the trailing index.php I get a
message from mozilla firefox prompting me to save a .phtml file. If I
access it with .../index.php it works fine.

I added .phtml to the php conf files. For some reason it works on one
copy of the program (mostly unmodified) and fails on another.

Its a conference paper submission system. The modified version hasn't
modified index.php and in the other pages only modified page content
and style sheet but not the code itself.

Any ideas?

Jule Slootbeek
617 901 6958

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