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Re: UTF-8 locale, strange chars in X terminal pager(s), specifically man pages

fbhjr@fhase.net (Frederick B. Henry Jr.) writes:

> I note some differences with your output...just not sure how to
> interpret them. :(

They are likely not to be significant; you just seem to have a different
version of the man page.

If you type

    PAGER=cat man cat

do you see a coypright symbol in the "Copyright (C) 2004 Free Software
Foundation, Inc." line (i.e., in the place where I have written "(C)"
here)? If you type

    printf \\302\\251\\n

do you see a copyright symbol? If you type

    printf \\342\\200\\220\\n

do you see a small hyphen (i.e. something somewhat smaller than what you
get when you hit the - key)?

If your answer to the second and third question is "yes", try to pipe the
output of each command to a pager, e.g.

   printf \\342\\200\\220\\n | less

In place of "less", try each pager which you also tried with "man".


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