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Re: UTF-8 locale, strange chars in X terminal pager(s), specifically man pages

On 2004-09-30 10:18:45 -0500, Frederick B. Henry Jr. wrote:
> On Thursday 30 Sep 2004 16:39:20 +0200, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > It may be a problem with your terminal. I've attached a small file
> > containing characters in UTF-8. Could you save it and cat it in your
> > terminal to see if there are problems?
> In aterm, it has problems; in (u)xterm, none.  So perhaps it is a problem
> with my aterm setup.  In aterm, TERM is set to "rxvt"; in (u)xterm TERM is
> set to "xterm."

Yes, there is a problem with your aterm setup (or perhaps aterm
doesn't support UTF-8, I don't know). So, just do your tests with
(u)xterm to solve the problems with man.

> And despite the fact that the file you attached displays fine in
> (u)xterm, I still get the funny chars in man pages.

Does my file display fine with the pager you're using with man?
(Warning if you're using "less", as some versions have problems
with UTF-8.)

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