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Re: SSH Cracking Attempts

On 10/01/04 03:30, Alexei Chetroi wrote:

  If you are desktop user, do you really need ssh access from
everywhere? If you need access to your machine from home, for example,
define IP range of your ISP in /etc/hosts.allow for ssh or shutdown sshd

Alexei Chetroi

Linux, with cool features like ssh, really spoils one! No, I don't need it from everywhere, but my roving laptop users login from varying locations. Since one of them provides my tech support on the rare occasion when I need it, ssh is a nice feature to enable.

In the 10 months since I moved from windoze to debian testing/unstable, I've had no crashes. (Pretty amazing from the windoze perspective.) But twice my keyboard somehow got locked or frozen, and someone needed to ssh-in to kill the offending process (gaim). Without ssh, a hard reset would have been needed.


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