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Advice on quiet but powerful hardware for Debian

Another request to this amazing list.  I've run a web server which 
has a few simple perl CGI scripts but also some moderately CPU heavy 
R statistics CGI things.  The box also runs SMTP (postfix) and double 
opt-in Email lists (ecartis).  It's all run beautifully stably on an 
old box running Debian stable behind another Debian box which acts as 
three port firewall.  The server box is getting very old and I'd like 
to speed up the R things so it's time to upgrade.  Graphics power is 
not an issue on this machine as it's almost used only in text mode 
over ssh.

Budget is not huge but my biggest constraint is probably that I have 
very little time for sysadmin work any more as this isn't my paying 
job.  Other huge constraint is that the machines sit in the room I 
work in and listen to music in.  I'd love to make the machine as 
quiet as possible within the need for some real grunt power.

So questions I have are:
1) Can anyone recommend any company or consultant who puts together 
Debian based systems in the UK?
2) Assuming I do it myself I'm telling myself that it's probably time 
to go to SATA, to use at least RAID0 mirroring to minimise risk of 
losing things, to push the CPU power as high as I can (dual 
processor?) and the RAM up to 1G at least and perhaps to add some DVD 
writer for backup (though currently I can get the all the things I 
need to backup onto a CD).

I have been thinking of Opteron CPU looking toward Debian64 some day 
but perhaps that's a bit distant and a bad basis on which to go that 
way.  Any recommendations of drives, CPU, RAM and motherboards and 
the trade off of quiet/powerful?  Reply to me or the list: I'll 
collate and summarise. Thanks in advance.


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