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Re: usb storage kernel module with 2.4 kernel

on Wed, 29 Sep 2004 10:00:19PM -0400, Nori Heikkinen insinuated:
> i'm trying to mount my new iPod on my home computer now.  at work,
> running the 2.6.6 kernel, the only kernel module i needed to
> modprobe was usb-storage.  here, running the 2.4.26 kernel, i don't
> seem to have a module called anything like that, nor will the
> computer recognize the iPod when it's plugged in (nothing in
> /var/log/{syslog,messages}).  

amended: i'm a big dork, and had it plugged into the wrong cable.  it
DOES see it:

Sep 29 22:04:42 orange kernel: hub.c: new USB device 00:07.2-2,
assigned address 19

but doesn't know what to do with it:

Sep 29 22:04:42 orange kernel: usb.c: USB device 19 (vend/prod
0x5ac/0x1203) is not claimed by any active driver.

and nothing shows up in /proc/scsi/scsi.

i'm using USB (1.1), fwiw.  (but i don't think that matters for this).

> yet in my kernel config, i have:
> so it seems like it should be modprobe-able ...
> what am i missing, here?
> thanks a lot,

thanks again,


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