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Re: Installing a printer

Byron Nilsen wrote:
This must be a well-worn question. I just installed woody. The installation did not stop to inquire about my specific printer make/model which is an older (ca 1990) Canon BJ-200ex. It did install a generic dot-matix driver which works for ASCII text, and as near as I can tell, several PostScript type drivers. I am certain that the correct driver is on one of the seven CDs I have but don't know how to identify it. Apt-get requires a specific package name. How do I identify which package to use for this particular printer?


Byron Nilsen

Have a look at http://linuxprinting.org/cups-doc.html for general cups installation howto and use this driver: http://linuxprinting.org/show_driver.cgi?driver=bj200&fromprinter=Canon-BJ-200 (assuming a BJ-200ex is compatible with Canon-BJ-200 -- as that one didn't show up in their data base)

As for packages, if you want to try cups, use the cupsys packages (I think?) and the cupsomatic-ppd package;

If the driver you need is not in gs, compile gs from the esp-gs sources -- that's easier than compiling an other gs source (in my experience anyway)



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