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Samba - hostname no appear in smbstatus


Newbie here. I'm having problems with seeing the hostname of a Linux box
correctly under Samba with smbstatus.

I'm running sarge with Samba 3.0.5 on a server that I built. It sits on
our local network behind a Smoothwall firewall, which functions as a
virtual nameserver using our ISP's DNS servers for resolution. 

I've been able to set up our Windows machines without too much problem
with the Debian Samba server as a PDC. I'm now trying to connect a Mepis
(Debian sid) box to the server using Samba.

When I login to a Mepis user session, the share is mounted in a user
directory (set up with smb4k). However, smbstatus shows only the IP
address of the machine, not the hostname. The Windows machine hostnames
show up correctly.

I've changed /etc/hosts on the client, server, and firewall/nameserver
machine to include the IP-name; nsswitch.conf maps host to DNS. smb.conf
has "name resolve order" parameter set to "host wins lmhosts bcast". I'm
not specifying a WINS server, but have configured "wins support" to yes.

I also have Mandrake 10 and SuSE 9.1 triple-booting with the Mepis
partitions and while they also connect as Samba clients, I have the same
result -only the IP shows up.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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