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Re: SLRN random-sig files, found this but stilll

On Sunday 26 September 2004 2:11 pm, Josef Oswald wrote:
> Thanks for the link:-)

Yer welcome... I have long been of the opinion that writing a sigmonster
is like a jedi crafting his own lightsaber; each is just slightly different 
just like it's creator <g>, and its a right of passage... 

I wrote mine and online as I couldn't find one that worked the way I wanted 
it to; plus its just a small way of giving back to the community <g>.

And someone pointed out that tiny children steal your brains,
both while in the womb and afterwards, and summed it up,
"Traditionally wise women are either virgins or women too old
to bear children.  THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS."  -- Dorothy J. Heydt in RASFW

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