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Re: Cdrom in Debian testing/unstable

Apparently, _edgar_, on 09/27/04 07:53,typed:
I've installed on a laptop and on few desktops Debian with a Sarge
netinstall cd and then upgraded to unstable.
I guess I missed something lately but how do I mount the cdrom? When I
put an audio cd in the laptop it is recognized in the cd player, but
when I want to mount a cd with programs I cannot mount the cdrom. It
says it's not in fstab, but it is. There's no cdrom0 in /media. After
some workaround I did it, but I don't think it was meant to be used that
way. So how does it work?

The cdrom has always been one of those non-obvious things to me immediately after installation. Just after you are done with installation there are no entried in /etc/fstab for the CD-ROM. You have to actually make the entry that mounts /dev/cdrom or /dev/hdc or /dev/scd0 or whatever device you have as a CD-ROM. IIRC, a few months ago someone justified this for the sake of security. I have forgotten what was the reason.

In any case, you are right, you have to yourself make the mount points. Moreover, the cdrom mount points are not even in /media. They are in /cdrom, /cdrom/cdrom0 and /cdrom/cdrom1 or something like this. What I have done is left the CD-ROM in /cdrom and linked that mount point to /dev/hdc and made new directory /media/cdrw and linked that to the my writer /dev/hdd and put the corresponding mount points in /etc/fstab and all works well.

BTW, which Laptop did you install Debian on?


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