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Re: Plz Help

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:20:59 -0700, the mental interface of DHANSUKH LAL SOLANKI told:
>�I am trying to download a Hindi (Indian) movie using Bit
>�Torrent.....The file is 4.485gbs and my download has stopped at
>�4.1gb...and I have a error (error 28) no space on disk and when I
>�use the Azureus program I get a similar kind of
>�This only happens when the file is more than 4gb.....I tried small
>�files and they are ok
>�Could u plz help me?

Have you checked if you have enough space left on your hard drive? In a console type "df -h" (without quotes) this should show you how much space you have left.

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