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Re: Plz Help

--- DHANSUKH LAL SOLANKI <dsolanki@msn.com> wrote:

> I am trying to download a Hindi (Indian) movie using
> Bit Torrent.....The 
> file is 4.485gbs and my download has stopped at
> 4.1gb...and I have a error 
> (error 28) no space on disk and when I use the
> Azureus program I get a 
> similar kind of error.."dumpBlocktoDisk"
> This only happens when the file is more than
> 4gb.....I tried small files and 
> they are ok
> Could u plz help me?
> Dan
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Sounds like a limitation of your filesystem.  Are you
trying to write to Fat32?  Afaik, Fat32 has a
limitation of 4G for a file.  I realize you are
perhaps not English-speaking, but please try to stray
from using bad abbreviations such as "plz"; you'll
find that people generally are not willing to help
people that do not converse properly.


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