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Re: limiting resources

martin f krafft wrote:
> Every now and then, coincidence will have it that 10 or 20 users
> invoke spamassassin at the same time. Spamassassin is a resource
> hog and that will cause the machine to basically become unusable,
> with the load going to 30 and higher.
> Obviously, I have put limits on local deliveries so that postfix
> itself does not ever screw up the machine. Now I need to limit the
> local users. Other than PAM limits, which seems to only work on
> number of processes, is there a way to dynamically limit the load
> a shell-user can cause? I am talking load-balancing ... give each
> user 100% unless others want slices too.

What if you wrote a shell wrapper around SpamAssassin that lowered its
priority before running it, then had your users run this wrapper instead?


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