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smbfs causing kernel hang


I'm desperate to find the right mailing list but I can't find anything on the 
'net, the only place I found was a dead sourceforge site.

no-one on this list can help and I appreciate that it might not be the right 
list. I tried the samba list but they told me samba is not smbfs list and I 
should pack my bags and go away..

help! who maintains smbfs? is there a list?

TIA. rich

(my original message sent to thes list is below for reference)

I'm using debian Sarge, Samba 3.0.6-3, Kernel 2.6.8

I use smbmount //server/share mymountpt -oguest which connects fine, but it 
all dies (hangs) if I try to look in that mounted directory with konqueror in 
kde OR nautillus in gnome.

In dmesg of the server computer I get:

smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-512, breaking

and the same but with error -13

smb_add_request ... Timed Out!

this last one repeats infinitely.

and often some other stuff too. I've googled till I'm goggled and all I've 
found is similar postings but without answers.


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