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Re: Mail server in DMZ

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 22:20:08 +0200, Curtis Vaughan wrote:

> Behind it, we have 1 Postfix server w/Courier IMAP and 1 Exchange 5.5 
> Server (soon to be moved to another Postfix server).

I dunno what IPCop is, but I have postfix and Courier-IMAP in the DMZ.

> 2) accept all incoming mail and only relay that mail for internal 
> recipients to the appropriate recipient.

Of course, no problem ...

> Also, I'm a little confused as to how a mail server in the DMZ would 
> route mail to the internal network. Or is that something it wouldn't 
> have to worry about, but IPCop would (since it's the router).

This *is* 'any input': The mailserver usually doesn't contact the Inside
(and with a well-configured firewall it cannot and must not be able to do
so); but of course the Inside clients contact the server; the firewall
keeps state, and that's it.


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