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Re: weird constant hissing sound coming from one speaker

On Friday 24 September 2004 09:49 am, H. S. wrote:
> I am not sure this will work since if I boot in Windows the speakers
> work perfectly well. It is only if I boot into Debian that the hiss
> comes back during the boot process someplace (which as I mentioned is
> around when lp0 starts).

> Note that the hiss just not some background white noise. It is very
> pronounced. It gets attenuated when some sound plays (e.g. when I do
> a sound test in KDE). Otherwise it is like an FM radio, but coming
> only from my left speaker. Right speaker is perfectly okay as it was
> before.

Use kmix, alsamixer, etc. to check your levels on various (especially 
unconnected) inputs - mic, line in, etc.  Set them to zero/muted.

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