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Re: SLRN random-sig files, found this but stilll

Incoming from Josef Oswald:
> looking to set up random sig with SLRN I found this link:
> http://lists.infodrom.org/debian-user-de/2001/03/att-0026/01-slrn-random-sig
> At the end it says one need to create for each quote a single file, my
> question is:
> what name can I use and or does this scrip just take any files it finds
> and uses them as signatures? 
> $sigdir = $ENV{'HOME'} . '/.Sig';
>     if(opendir(DIR, $sigdir)) {
>         @randfiles = grep( !/^\./, readdir(DIR));
>         if(open(RAND, $sigdir . '/' . $randfiles[rand($#randfiles)])) {

That says to me it's going to take anything it finds in your ~/.Sig
directory, except the two system dotfiles ".." and ".", or anything
with a dot at the beginning of the filename.  "foo" and "bar" should
be fine filenames for this, as would "foo.bar".

Too bad you couldn't do something simpler (or maybe you can; I've
never wanted to).  This is all it takes for mutt:

  Note:  not tested!

      cat ~/.signature
      /usr/bin/fortune -s

      folder-hook . set signature="~/sh/mail_sig|"

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