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Re: Help: Embedded Debian

On Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 07:04:23AM +0200, Stefan Drees wrote:
> Hi,
> i´m using debian for now two years and i created lots of servers for our 
> customers.
> I also tried to create an very small debian install with postfix, bind, 
> dhcp, webmin,
> squid etc. I was able to cut it down to 100 MB but i want it make smaller.
> Are there any infos about creating an embedded system with debian or 
> tips to make
> it smaller, also to hold it small :-) (log files etc.).
> I need also the possibilty (for the local admin) to administrate the 
> server via web.

How small?  If you want to get really 'thin', you would probably have to
move away from .deb packages, as they insist on including such cruft as
'documentation' :-)

Maybe look at udeb packages, micro .deb format which is used by

You will probably get more ideas from debian-embedded or debian-handheld
lists.  I recently got a Zaurus handheld so I am playing with stuff from


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