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make-kpkg failing to include correct files for kernel-headers


I've made several kernels using make-kpkg
(from kernel-package unstable), using the
debian kernel-source-2.6.7, with the following command:

make-kpkg --append_to_version=-k7.bootsplash --initrd binary

plus the bootsplash patch, the whole process goes great, and all the
debs are build ok, that was until I bought a new video card and tried to
install the nvidia drivers, I got loads of errors, so I download the
official debian kerenel-headers, kernel-image and kernel-source and it
compiled fine, so I looked in the kernel-headers directory and in my
kernel-headers directory.

using my created kernel-headers deb, it only includes:

include  kernel-headers.revision  Makefile

where as using the official debian version, it includes:

arch     fs       ipc                      lib       net       sound
crypto   include  kernel                   Makefile  scripts   usr
drivers  init     kernel-headers.revision  mm        security

I've added the following line to the /etc/kernel-pkg.conf
do_clean := NO

yet it still only produces these few files.

(This is the same for kernels 2.6.6, 2.6.7, 2.6.8)

Is this still a bug, or am I doing something wrong?



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