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modversions.h Missing In Action

When I configged the kernel I had in the .config file


and yet I do not have that modversion.h header file. 
I have something called modsetver.h (or something like
that) but no modversion.h

Where is it??

I am trying to use a kernel that is compiled source
from kernel.org.  I enjoy making things difficult for
myself to understand all the process but I don't like
impossible.  If it is just not possible to compile
modules for debian with a kernel.org source kernel and
headers then just let me know and I will give up and
get the debian packaged kernel and kernel_headers.

If there is a way to do it with the kernel.org sources
and headers I surely would like to know what it is,

NB I may have the spellings of the files wrong...I
have to switch back to windows to use the modem.  This
effort to get the kernel headers version to match the
kernel is to compile a modem driver.

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