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Re: Stop PPP connection question

Hi Stefan, 

Tks for your advice.

> > typo = typographical error ???
> Yes.

Noted with tks

> > # ls /proc | grep dsl-provider
> > # ls /proc | grep ds-provider
> > # ls /proc | grep pon
> > # ls /proc | grep poff
> Doesn't work like that.  /proc is where the ps info
> is stored. It is
> stored in a fairly special format.
> Replace 'ls /proc' with 'ps -elf'.

But it did not telling the name of a command or
command line

> cat /proc/*/cmdline shows all cmdlines, for
> instance.

# cat /proc/*/cmdline | grep dsl-provider
Binary file (standard input) matches
# cat /proc/*/cmdline | grep pon
# cat /proc/*/cmdline | grep mozilla
Binary file (standard input) matches

Similar output.  Neither informing where they reside

# which mozilla

# which dsl-provider
No printout

> > # ls /etc/ppp/peers/
> > dsl-provider
> > .........
> > 
> > I suppose the correct command to stop broadband
> > connection is;
> > 
> > # pon dsl-provider
> Why would pon (Start a connection) stop one?
> Don't you mean:
> # poff dsl-provider

This old Debian box, a workstation, is for reference
only not for routine work.  Because on installing a
new Debian box, also a workstation, I met certain
difficulties, ping IP address OK but ping URLs
impossibe (warning, ping:unknown host www.xyz.com), I
took out this old box from store room as reference.

> > /usr/bin/poff: I could not find a pppd process for
> > provider 'ds-provider'. None      stopped.
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^
> If you use DS, that's fine. But I think you use
> DS*L*, not DS.

Yes, I use ADSL.

> poff: Disconnects you from dialup/dsl IF AND ONLY IF
> you are only
>       connected to one ISP once.
> pon:  Connects you to dialup.
>       You _might_ be able to get it to do DSL by:
>       # ln -s /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider
> /etc/ppp/peers/provider
> poff ds-provider: Disconnects a DS provider.
> pon  ds-provider:    Connects a DS provider. Is
> there such a thing?

On this old box;
# pon  connect ISP/broadband
# pon dsl-provider

On another Debian box, which I'm now installing, just
# pon  can't connect ISP/broadband
# pon dsl-provider  connect ISP/broadband
> poff dsl-provider: Disconnects a DSL provider.
> pon  dsl-provider:    Connects a DSL provider.

On this old box;
# poff  disconnect ISP/broadband
# poff dsl-provider

On another Debian box, which I'm now installing, just

> That is how it Should Work. As I don't personally
> use it, I might be
> forgetting to tell you about relevant bugs (but
> search the BTS -
> bugs.debian.org).

Noted with thanks


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